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  NEWLONG  NP7A Portable Bagstitcher

We are now also distributing the NEWLONG NP7A Potable BAG STITCHER as part of our ever expanding range.
These are genuine Japanese NEWLONG machines and must not be compared to cheap imitations.  These are of the highest quality in both build and performance.   The NP7A is the perfect machine for closing all kind of PVC, Jute, Polyprop and Woven Bags and Sacks.   This is the machine that others are compared too.

Click Here For the Newlong NP7A PartslistSpeeds of 1700 stitches per minute.
Automatic Lubrication System
Weighs In at 6kg with thread
Uses Standard DNx1 Needle (size25)
Plastic Handle Insulates Operator
Simple Single Thread Chainstitch
Automatic Thread/Chain Cutter

Parts, Parts and More Parts.
We are the UK's Leading Parts Supplier for Portable Bag and Sack Stitchers.    Take a look at the Parts List on the right, it will help you find the part you need -
Or See The Parts Page

A945 Bagstitcher Thread click here to see the NP-7A Parts Page click here to see the NP-7A Parts Page  click here to see the NP-7A Parts Page  BAGSTITCHER TROLLEY STANDS NOW IN STOCKNewlong CE Declaration
We Also Supply Bagstitcher Thread - No Quantity Too Small.   Large 2.5kg & 5kg Cones Available

For NEWLONG NP7A Sales, Service & Repairs - PLEASE CALL

SEW EUROPE only supplies machines complete, built up and sewing.  Unlike some other company's, we are not a 'Box Shifter' and do not expect you to have to assemble your own machine. Your satisfaction is very important to us and our reputation is your guarantee of service and customer support.

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