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HIGHLEAD GC0318-1 Datasheet

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   HIGHLEAD GC0318 Top & Bottom Feed Walking Foot Lockstitch

HIGHLEAD GC0318 Walking Foot Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine

HIGHLEAD GC0318 Top & Bottom Feed Walking Foot Lockstitch Machine -  offers you unrivalled performance from just 499 + vat for a complete machine.   Identical Feed System to BROTHER B727/B797, MITSUBISHI LY2-3300-BOB DY340/DY350, PROTEX TY3300 and CONSEW 205RB

Top & Bottom Walking Foot type Feed Ensures Powerful & Consistent Feeding of the Workpiece on Heavy & Difficult to Feed Items.
Sews PVC Easily - Banner Sewing, Lorry Curtains, Boat Covers, Bags and Luggage.
Large Underarm Workspace for Sewing Bulky Items such as Quilted Goods, Horserugs etc.
Flat Even Sewing of All Soft Leather Products Like Furniture, Purses, Bags etc.
click HERE For More Info Excellent for Light Upholstery. Uses Standard Chandler Type Piping Sets - We Have Them HERE.
  UK Delivery from LIVERPOOL

click here for GROZ BECKERT Ind.Sewing Machine Needles

Needle System 135x17

Mitsubishi LY2-3300-BOB Top & Bottom Feed Walking Foot Lockstitch Machine which is best suited to medium weight work on PVC, LEATHER, CANVAS and other difficult to feed materials.  
Identical to the MITSUBISHI LY2-3300-BOB, PROTEX TY3300, WIMSEW 3300 JSM PF5318 and CONSEW 205RB Machines.
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LARGE ROTARY HOOK click the image to see it.LARGE ROTARY HOOK holds 2.5 times the thread than a standard bobbincase which means less bobbin changes.  Especially useful when using thick threads.

8mm STITCH SIZE & ACCESSORY PLATE click the image to see themUPTO 8mm STITCH SIZE for large jobs and decorative stitching.   Machine is also fitted with Industry Standard Accessory Plate for Attachments.

HIGH FOOTLIFT click the image to see itHIGH FOOTLIFT at 8mm on Handlift and 16mm using Kneelift means plenty of room for the thickest jobs.  GC0318 uses standard Chandler Feet for piping.

AUTO LUBRICATION click the image to see itAUTOMATIC LUBRICATION via the built in Oil Pump means higher speeds and smoother running. Machine has 800ml Oil Pan for continuous supply.

INDEPENDENTLY ADJUSTABLE Presser Foot Lift for optimum performance when sewing seams which have large insertions such as webbings and crosseams.

INDEPENDENTLY ADJUSTABLE TOP FEED RATIO allows fine tuning for even and flat seams on difficult fabrics which are prone to twisting and 'roping' when sewn.

Max Speed. 2000 s.p.m. Smooth & Quiet even at these speeds on Heavy Work.  Come & Try One Today.  Call for an appointment.

Mitsubishi LY2-3300-BOB

Consew 205RB                                  Mitsubishi LY2-3300-BOB