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  +++ HIGHLEAD GC128-M-D3 Fully Automatic UBT Lockstitch Sewing Machine Complete 899 + vat +++
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HIGHLEAD GC128-M-D3 Fully Automatic Underbed Thread Trimming Lockstitch. A UBT Thread Trimmer Sewing Machine that performs.
If you are looking for a flatbed lockstitch machine with automatic functions, then the HIGHLEAD GC128 M D3 Underbed Thread Trimmer is going to fit the bill perfectly.       Quiet and smooth.
Never before has such a High Specification Machine been available at a Price As Low As This.

899 + vat buys you the Machine complete on Unit Stand with the now Industry Standard HO HSING Servo Drive Units.

All HIGHLEAD Machine are manufactured to comply with ALL European Standards for Quality and Safety, each machine we sell bears the CE badge . This your assurance that your new machine has been tested and meets all requirements.

      Ultra High Speeds of upto 5000 s.p.m.      
       Fully Automatic Backtacking      
    Fully Automatic Underbed Thread Trimming    
     Exceptionally Smooth & Quiet in Operation    
     One Touch Knuckle Reverse    
     Top Thread Wiper for Clean Topstitch Starts    
     MITSUBISHI Thread Trimming System    
     Very High Build Quality - Come and See    
   Optional Auto Foot Lift  

All the world's leading Manufacturers now choose HS Servo's as their drive of choice.
Lower Power Consumption because the motor stops when the Machine is Stopped.
Powerful Torque gives instant start and Acceleration.
Digital Control means Improved Accuracy.
Just look at the Programmeable Functions the Panel Offers

  Easy to Use and Understand Programming Panel offers full Control over all the functions that the machine can perform.
  Fully Programmeable Auto Backtack. Turn it on, Turn it Off, Set the Number of stitches you want, Have it Automatic or Manual. You have  FULL CONTROL
  Stitch Counting Operation, with or without Backtack, ideal for Label Changing Operations and Louvre Blind Manufacturers.
  Upto 4 stage Tacking Operations with or without Automatic Thread Trimming.
  Fully Programmeable Square Label Sewing with or without Auto Thread Trimming and Backtack.
One Touch Needle Postioning
  Shirt Pocket Sewing Function
  In Built Technician Adjustable Specialist Functions.
  AUTO FOOT LIFT Capability (Optional Extra)

HS HVP90-4-11 Motor Available Seperately at 
399 + Vat

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